Paper Dispensers or Paper holders are common in North America and other western countries. They are either used to replace hand dryers or used in tandem to offer users alternatives to dispense toilet paper and to drying their hands in public restrooms.


The paper in the dispenser varies by the manufacturer they can be black, be white or colored, also they can be made from stainless steel. There are different types of Paper Dispenser Systems: Universal Paper Dispensers and Controlled Paper Dispensers.


The most common paper dispensers you can buy are: Paper Towel Dispenser, Toilet Paper Dispenser, Paper Napkin Dispenser, and Facial Tissue Dispenser.  


The paper dispensers in many public restrooms are designed to make it difficult for patrons/customers to steal the toilet paper and paper towels. Some Paper Dispensers now are designed to lock the spare rolls away, and release them only when the active roll is used up.


An increasing number of public toilets are furnished with paper dispenser holders that hold very large rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. These are designed to save money by reducing the frequency of janitorial services to restock the paper.


In many toilets, especially in elementary schools, stadiums, and airports, a paper dispenser releases only a small square of toilet paper or paper towels to prevent a user from intentionally clogging the toilet with large amounts of paper.